The Serra Cross Conservancy

The Serra Cross Conservancy is a grass roots organization made up of a broad cross-section of our community. We are interested in preserving and maintaining the Serra Cross Park for a variety of personal reasons; we value the Park for the sake of historic preservation and/or are interested in the cross as a religious icon and a landmark attraction to other communities and tourists. But mostly for long-time members of this community, the cross represents what makes Ventura special and serves as an important element of our lives here in Ventura.

Given the short amount of time to raise the money and establish an organization that could take ownership of the property, the Grant Park Conservancy partnered with San Buenaventura Heritage, Inc., a non-profit historic preservation organization that has been operating in Ventura since 1978. San Buenaventura Heritage is best known for restoring the historic Dudley House and running it as a museum where visitors can observe a typical farm house at the turn of the 20th Century.

Hundreds of current and former residents of Ventura, visitors who have enjoyed the park, and other concerned citizens and businesses contributed to the purchase of the Serra Cross Park. All of them expressed an interest in keeping the cross in its current location and maintaining the land as an open park for the enjoyment of all. The Serra Cross Conservancy is dedicated to making this possible and to improving the park over time.

Although San Buenaventura Heritage owns the Serra Cross Park property, the Serra Cross Conservancy has the responsibility for managing the park. All of our funding comes from the generous tax-deductible donations of concerned citizens who enjoy the park. The donations pay for property insurance, water, electricity, landscape maintenance, litter pick-up, and any improvements. Volunteers are helping with routine park care and special projects.

The Board of the Serra Cross Conservancy is grateful to everyone who has played a part in making it possible for all of us to enjoy the Serra Cross Park.

For more information about the Serra Cross Conservancy and the Serra Cross Park, please call:
(805) 648-3008

Or you can write us at:
P. O. Box 48, Ventura, CA 93002-0048